Technical problem - "Hissing" pls help


Hi guys
I have noticed when I set my receiver to a free input channel (TV,VIDEO1...) set to analog with no actual input there is a small hiss to the tweeters, trying to identify the problem I switched to a different set of speakers and the hissing was still there although a bit more quiet.
Then I switched the same input to digital again with no signal and the hissing was gone. Is this normal for a receiver to have a natural hiss (really small) while set to analog?
Considering the hiss is coming from my receiver another thing that bothered me was that one set of speakers had a bit louder hiss than the other, which speaker/tweeter would you say is actually the better the one that was more or less sensitive to the receivers natural his?
I would really appreciate the help.
Thanks a lot

pls help I have seen the other postings about hissing sounds but actually this is a different situation
tnx in advance

Try using a different interconnect cable or if possible get another reciever and try it. I believe the hissing sounds are usually receiver problem

The hissing occurs when no cable is connected to the receiver

Its probably a receiver generated noise. Is this a new receiver? Try getting another receiver to confirm if its a receiver noise indeed.

It's just picking up atmospheric noise because the connection is not terminated. Kind of like setting your TV to a channel where there is nobody broadcasting or your receiver set between FM stations. It's just amplifying what comes in, faithfully. To solve this problem, don't listen to your receiver with nothing connected to it. The hiss will be gone when connected to a CD player or something. Sorry if I sound a bit sarcastic but I just don't see how this is a problem.

BTW, the set of speakers with the louder hiss probably have a better high frequency response. I don't know about the lows, so it's hard to tell which set is actually better.

thanks Alex
I know its not a big problem, even though I tried it with a source connected and its till there but as I said 10 cm away from the speaker and you don't here the hiss so no prob.

And yes the receiver is new SR4300

Ahh, ok, I was under the impression that it was only with nothing connected. Is it any better when connected to something? A little hiss is normal, but ususally can only be heard at high volume levels. If it is excessive, there may be a bad connection in the receiver (the in-between-stations thing again.) Usually there is more hiss when nothing is connected, because the connector with nothing on it acts as an antenna, albeit a small one.
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