Harmon Kardon AVR7200 a good match for polk?


I recently purchased a pair of polk RTi150 speakers and a the matching polk CSi40 center. I've heard these described as a "warm" sounding speaker. I was wondering if the HK AVR 7200 is a good match for these speakers. I am looking to spend about $1000 (I found the HK online for $900 - brand new, and though this was a pretty good deal). If anyone would be willing to share a little of their knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated. Are there any other recommendations out there? Elite, NAD, Rotel, Marantz? Thanks for your response.

ps. Most of the receivers I have looked at are 7.1. Other than cost, does it matter that I will only be running 5.1 through the reciever? Thanks again.

forgot to mention... I have a pretty extensive record collection that I would like to take advantage of. I know that the HK does not have a phone output, but I wouldn't mind spending the extra money to make a record player compatable with the HK. Is this still the best choice?


Any of the receivers you mention would sound great with the Polk's. I prefer the sound of the NAD, but I have a T762, so I am obviously biased. Bottom line, any would sound awesome. No problem running only 5.1 through a 7.1 system. I currently am only running 5.1 through the 762 (6.1). Not sure whether the 762 has a phono input...I didn't see one listed in the owners manual, and my receiver is in a cabinet and very difficult to take out, so I can't verify for sure. As with the HK, you might have to spend a bit more to make it compatible, but once again, I am not for sure as I do not own a single record. If you are interested in the NAD, I will post my review below. Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask...I enjoy sharing my experiences with others.


I would not consider the Polk's to be warm but very well balanced and a match with H/K, Marantz, Elite, NAD or Rotel. The 7200 is a great receiver so if you like it buy it.
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