Buying NAD T742 online??


Paul T
Unfortunitly there isn't an NAD dealer anywhere close to me here in Northeast PA so my only option will be buying from an online dealer.. I hate to receive it only to find it has the old firmware and do not want to hear the volume clicking and such little bugs being reported with the old firmware... Are all new NAD T742's have the updated 1.20 firmware and would the online dealer (Sat.) know before shipping if it has the 120 Firmware??

Brad C.
Saturday audio a month ago sold me a NAD T752 and it had the latest 1.20 firmware...

The T742 carries the same firmware I do believe, and considering its this late into the year for the xx2 series nad, you will get the latest firmware I have no doubt...

Go for it and make a call if still unsure , it never hurts to ask ...


My understanding is that you own Maggies so let me ask you about that.
I finally got my MMGs and now I am trying to replace my old receiver.
What I am considering now are Pioneer 912K, NAD 742, and Outlaw 1050..
I really liked to have NAD 752 but it is a little bit out of my budget now.
Is NAD 742 really inferior to NAD 752? Then, in terms of what? Pioneer 912K or Outlaw 1050 is in my budget but I am concerned whether those are sufficient to run MMG and the futuer Magnepan 5.1 system. Let me have you opinion. Thanks in advance


Great speakers. You will be knocked out when you get them up and running.

I don't think the 742 has what it takes to drive the Maggies. I could be wrong, but I looked at the Owner's Manual a few months back and saw that the 742 does not support 4 ohm speakers--it said 6-8 ohm speakers only. The 752 does support 4 ohm speakers because it has the impedence sensing circuitry and the Power Drive dual rail power supply. It is too bad, because a 742/MMG system would have been a real killer system on a reasonable budget. However, you may want to try it and see. This business of whether a receiver can drive a 4 ohm speaker is sometimes tough to figure out as there is no general rule of thumb to figure out whether a receiver can handle 4 ohm loads or not. However, the Maggies, being a planer speaker, present an almost totally resistive 4 ohm load--it does not shift between a resistive and capacitive load-- so it is easier for the receiver to drive. Perhaps you could e-mail NAD and see what they say. I generally get an answer in about 2-3 days for any question I have asked them.

I also believe the Pioneer is not rated for the 4 ohm load of the Maggies, and I know its power supply is not up to it, so pass on that one.

On the other hand, I know the Outlaw is rated to handle a 4 ohm load. Has a 8/4 switch on the back to adjust for the impedence of the speakers. So the Outlaw would be the safe bet of the three.

Good luck.


Did you get the 742? I listened to it and love the sound as I would get it for 60% music/40% HT. I've just heard so many bad things here about the bugs. Let me know if you got it and are happy with it.
BTW, where in NE PA? I used to live near Milford.


Paul T
Boots, I'm in Scranton.. I did not order the NAD yet, like you I'm kinda leary of the bugs I keep hearing here since there is no dealer in our area sending it back and forth to online dealer could be a big headache plus it seems the NAD T742 might not be able to drive 4 ohm speakers as the T752 or T762 can.. At least that's the drift I'm getting from reading the online owners manuals at NAD's site... Since I have pretty much decided on Polk LSi7 speakers the T752 and T762 is way more power then I need for the LSi7's and the price for the T752 is $699 plus shipping.. Can't really justify spending that much for what I need... leaning towards the Outlaw 1050.. Great receiver, handles 4 ohm speakers, plenty of power, 6 discrete amps for 6.1 surround W/Zoran processor, remote that handles all my components and no bugs... The price is more reasonable too at $499

You can get the NAD T-761 at for $499 for a refurb with a one year warranty. I was all set to go for the T742 myself. I heard it at a store in Providence, RI and it sounded GREAT through some DefTech BP6 towers. They wanted $599, but I could order it brand new from DMC for $449. But now with all the bugs I keep reading about on this forum I'm afraid to buy it. As you, if I have a problem, I'll keep having to pay the $30 or so to ship it back.
I was also considering the Outlaw 1050 but was put off by their proprietory surround sound modes, instead of the normal ones. Let me know what you go with.
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