Kenwood VR 6060 or Pioneer 811S


Which one would you buy and why?
I've been searching reviews about 6060 but haven't found one yet. I'm not concerned with price. I'm concerned about the output. Pioneer delivers 70w+ with all channels. Does anyone know how kenwood performs?
Thanks in advance

Hi Himanshu,
It so happens that I have the same problem. I'm looking at getting a vr6060 by the end of the week. There are practically no reviews around.
Here's what I found: lists the THD at .7% That's 10 times worse than the other models I was comparing....but the Kenwood site states that it's .09% which is much better and in the ball park.
That's all I know so far...if you have any more information, email or post me.....

John Hackman

I will not hesitate going with the Kenwood 6060. I am waiting for my VR6070. I have also been comparing the Pioneer 811S and the Kenwood 6060/6070. Kenwood has updated the product specs on the 6050/6060/6070 and now show a better THD. Pioneer 811S does not provide a better quality in sound than the Kenwood. If you want to go Pioneer, go with the Elite serie...


P Rami
I just got my VR-6060 and tell you what....!
Greate receiver.. It has great sound and plenty of connections to hook each and every component I have..

The biggest plus in my opinion is the 100 output for each chanel and an ability to change the surround sound back speaker to bass.

I also like the Component inputs so I do not have to maintain one more unit to route all the component inputs to the tv.. You will need this if you want to use the Y CR CB connections for HDTV.

The one machine that will route all the connections for me including the HDTV tuner, when I get it...

The remote is amazing I got about 6-8 remotes and none of them would work with all the components But this one remote works with all of them and it is pretty simple to use once you get a hang of it..

Get Kenwood.. more than anything else you can not go wrong with the kind of audio quality you get with this brand..


leonard brisebois
I'll put my vote in also for the 6060. Sounds great, tons of features, love the remote, and runs cooler than the Pioneer (which I've read can run very hot).

Buy the Kenwood VR-6060. It offers a great combination of features and is a well made receiver. The Pioneer D811S is a really good receiver also, but the Kenwood is the best you will find in its price range.

Amazing! I am facing the same dilemma also. People have been generally favorable toward the Kenwood, but I have one major doubt about it...the video switching performance. I plan on adding an X-Box and a HDTV reciever to my current setup, which now includes a Prog-scan DVD player and a PS2. All will be hooked up using component video, and I dont have enough inputs on my Samsung TV. However, on Crutchfield I found that the Kenwood is rated at only 10MHz for video bandwidth, which is supposedly just barely able to pass a quality progressive signal(10 is the minimum guideline without "softening" the picture), and not nearly enought to pass an HDTV signal(high 20's MHz needed). The Pioneer is rated at 28 MHz. Does anyone who has or demoed the Kenwood be able to comment on its Video Switching performance? I do not want to be able to notice any degredation in signal from my video sources! This would be a dealbreaker for me, making me lean toward the Pioneer. Thanks in advance.


I have the following items on my list and I'm going to choose one out of these. Please add in your suggestions to help me choosing the receiver.

Onkyo TRS600 $499
Kenwood 6060 $399
Panasonic SAHE200 $499
Pioneer VSX811S $399
JVC RX8020VBK $399

All the abovemodesl DTS-ES and Dolby Digital-EX. The guys at CircuitCity and Bose Stores strongly recommend ONKYO receiver. Kenwood in the 2nd place (I have been doing the research for the last 1 month and I'm planning to buy a set next week). The more often I go to the stores, I get more confused.

Panasonic, JVC and Pioneer models have more features. Panasonic even has got 130Watts output in each channel.

If you guys already have one of these systems or happened to experience Please recommend a receiver for me and Himanshu as well. I'm thinking of hooking up Bose AM 6 II Series Speakers to one of these receievrs. Please give your opinions about the speakers also.

Thank You!

Kevin: First of all, if you are planning on adding a HDTV it will have enough of the necessary connections for the high bandwidth signals you want to connect. The bandwith on the PS2, Xbox, and progressive scan DVD are all 10 Mhz or less, so you have the choice of directly connecting to your TV or running them through the receiver. Most HDTV manufacturers recommend that you connect the HDTV source directly to the HDTV. I assume that is why Kenwood did not go to the expense of specing the receiver at a higher bandwidth.

Does anyone Know if the video and audio sources can be passed seperately? I am interested in Hooking both a PS2 and X-Box to the reciever audio and video-wise usng component and optical connections for both. However, one of the Component Video inputs is marked "DVD". I was wondering if this is connected to the "DVD/6ch" input selector or the "DVD/CD" input. I would like to be able to test this myself, but lack all the sources and cables. One of the things I like about the Pioneer is its ability to customize/assign ALL the inputs/outputs. Without this ability, some of the inputs are potentially useless! THanks in advance.

Jim Everhart
Kevin: You keep bouncing around on all these different forums trying to find a weakness in the Kenwood unit. If you don't want it, take it back to the store. No $400 reciever is going to be perfect. Both the Pioneer and the Kenwood have some advantages over each other.

I have a question that I'm sure someone could help me with. I'm planning to buy the 6060 and one of the things I love about it is the RF feature of the remote. The question I have about that is I want to operate a DVD/cd changer from anywhere in the house. Will this remote be able to operate the Kenwood DV-605 changer? I've seen photos (Crutchfield) of the back and I don't see the "system contol" conections on the back of this changer. I'm hoping the photo was not complete. Thanks for any help.

I planning to open a new small home theater store in Puerto Rico and we work with all kind of models from mid-end to high-end receivers. We have a showroom in our store with all the Kenwood Yamaha Pioneer Sony & Denon line up.If anyone want free advise of any of these line of products you can send a e-mail to and we are please to help in all your questions for a best buy.

Happy Holydays

E-mail correction
sorry for the small error.
Thanks to everyone.

The Kenwood VR-6060 is an exellent receiver and is far superior in sound than the Pioneer VSX-811S.Want to know the specs; The VR-6060 is 100w x 6ch it have a built-in 32-bit (MIDI) processor for Dolby Digital EX / DTS-ES decoding and a 24-bit D/A converters, the THD is 0.09%(L,C,R,Sur.Back)channels and 0.7%(L,R)surround channels. Speaker EQ and Active EQ provide better sound ambience. The Pioneer is rated al 100w x 6ch not at 80watts like other sources said, THD is 0.2% for(L,C,R.SR,SB,SL)channels. The built-in decoder is a 24-bit semiconductor for DD EX & DTS ES decoding. The VSX-811S have a Left & Right post terminals for back surround but this set-up will split the power 50w for each back surround speaker for a 7.1 effect. I hope this information will be helpful.

Al Holland
Do not be deceived by factory power ratings.
Kenwood 6070 rated @ 100 watts actually produced 92 watts with all 6 channels being driven.
The Pioneer 810 ( I believe this has same amps as 811) rated @ 100 watts actually produced 65 watts with all channels driven.
The Panasonic rating of 130 watts is @ 6 ohms i believe. This equates to about 104 watts @ 8 ohms.
Onkyo also rates most receivers @ 6 ohms. They still however have excellent amps.
Generally Pioneer offers more features. Everyone has different views about features vs sound performance. I prefer quality sound as most receivers have all of the features I could use.
I have owned the Kenwood 6070 and many other receivers. The Kenwood is one of my personal favorites.
You will receive many opionions and many will be biased. Just remember that the best opinion is yours when you are buying.

DENON, DENON and one more time DENON!!!
Forget about the rest!

Get Kanwood 6070. It has Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES and THX-EX for $499 at bestbuy. It is the best for this price...otherwise get DENON AVR-1803.

Al Holland
Forget about the Denon and buy any of the others first.

Kenwood ends home range. Kenwood is pulling out of home cinema market in the UK =, with effect from 31 december 2002.(Source What HiFi)

Gizmo Joe
With all the comparisons dealing with power, Kenwood is the only manufacturer that test their amps using the whole audio spectrum (20hz-20khz)while all the others test at a 1khz reference. Something to consider when it comes to fidelity and distortion.

I just purchased a Kenwood HTB-505 and am having problems hooking up my xbox. I bought an Advanced AV Pack and am connecting to the Kenwood receiver via a fiber optical cable. I have my t.v. hooked to the receiver by a s-video cable via the monitor out. Problem I can no longer get the xbox to display on the t.v. I can get audio through the receiver and speakers. However, the receiver recognizes digital input but even though I have a movie being played that was recorded in dolby digital I can not get the receiver to recognize dolby digital. Please help I feel I've tried about everything.

Tom Friedel
I am looking for the two-zone feature; a receiver that can play two different inputs, or have the input to the surround sound speakers also go to the two additional speaker outputs. Then I would just need one component for everything I want to do. The Kenwood 6070 and Sony STRDA2ES is advertised as multi-zone but the output in pre-amplifier (not what I want). Any suggestions for me?
thank you,
tom friedel
email: tom at

I'm planning to buy a Panasonic SAHE200.
Has anyone heard anything to change my mind?
If I had my way I'd go Yamaha or Harman Kardon but it seems the Panasonic has a decent bang for the buck.

I have the SAHE 100,and have no complaints,so go for it if thats got what you want.Good Luck.

I have the SA-V335 speaker system, each speaker can drive 100Watts, and I'm planning to buy a Panasonic SAHE200 that has outputs of 130Watts per channel. Is possible make this combination without damage the speaker system?

Yes, although the panasonic says 130x6 it will not put out this much per channel. Just dont put the receiver on max and you will be perfestly good.actualy besides what you think...over powering your speakers(your case)is better than under powering(having 250w speakers with a 100w amp)becasue the amp cant handle the harder to drive speakers so it clips. You will be able to tell if your speakers are taking in too much power because they will distort.

If I have a receiver VR-6070 that has Dolby® Digital and DTS, Is necessary that I have a DVD player that has the same characteristics(Dolby® Digital and DTS)?

Hi -

I'm brand new at this, so I hope you won't mind helping out a neophyte. Having not gone to your site previously, I just bought the Panasonic SA-HE100 Reciever and the Bose Acoustimass 6 Series III speakers. The Panasonic operating instructions are not very detailed, and I'm assuming I have connected something incorrectly, as I have no picture. What are the basics as far as connections go? If my TV only has S-Video in, does the DVD need to go into the reciever as S-Video? If this is the case, how is it going to read the VCR signal, which is connected through RCA?

Thank you for your indulgence.

Mark Brodie

Al Holland
What kind of TV do you have? I am not familiar with a TV that only has S-Video input. Are there any yellow input connections on the TV. These are for video.
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