Luxman LR 3000 Receiver ???


Has anyone come across a Luxman LR 3000
receiver. I have not been able to find any details/reviews of this receiver on the net.
If someone can shed some light on this amp it would be appreciated. The receiver (av amp) offers both DTS/DD and is rated @ 5 by 100 Watts and is well constructed. I know that some Luxman models are sold elsewhere in the world with different model numbers.

South Africa

I've come in contact with a Luxman LR 2000 receiver also well constructed but I've searched everywhere but I mainly get details from Japanese, Arabian countries. No translators

I didn't think that Luxman was still in business. I had an older Luxman receiver, pre-Dolby, and just stereo. Great warmth to the sound. In fact, I specifically asked the dealer what he had that sounded like McIntosh, as I had owned some years previously. The Luxman had a very similar tube like quality that I really liked. I haven't seen any Luxman for sale in the US for several years.

In DEC-2002 I bought a brand new Luxman LR-2000 from an internet auction (ebay) for AU$415. The vendor reckons they sell for about AU$900 (which still seems cheap at approx. US$460) for a quality 5X100W RMS AV Receiver.

It is an excellent unit but I have searched far & wide for info./reviews and there is nothing in English out there.

Satisfied Aussie.

you 'll find what you search on the web site they have another nomination,
they are lr 2200 in 5.1 dd dts,pro-logic II, and the LR 2500 RS with dd, dts es, pro - logic II
in 6 X 130 W rms under 8 Ohms.
I sale these products in belgium.

I bought the luxman lr 3000 receiver from hi fi corp........................exellent sound, and can only say its BANGING......

Purchased LR-3000 yesterday from Rick Hart Hi-Fi
Perth WA. $AU599.00 very impressive for the price but as above have not been able to find info on web !

i bought the lr-3000 feb 02. couldnt be happier. we've listened to both dd and dts and it sounds great. perfect for dvd's. now if only the wife will let me buy the widescreen...............

I have a LR-2000 and can't seem to use the co-ax option when I select DVD - the blasted machine selects only opt or analogue. Anyone got any ideas? Please?

Which is better S-Video, or co-ax video out?

I recently bought an LR-2500RS in Botswana. Can anyone explain why it's rated 130W per channel RMS in the manual but 205 EIAJ at the Luxman website?
I've found it mentioned at a couple of Italian and one French site, but otherwise it's strangely invisible on the net. The MSRP was 790 Euros, but one site offers it for as little as 540. I paid the equivalent of about 600 euros, which I consider a steal considering its quality.

It has a warm, refined sound that still seems very "accurate." It lacks a bit in dynamics so I wouldn't recommend it for headbangers, but for what I listen to it's perfect, and through my Saturn S6s it sounds like something that should have cost three or four times as much. Over the years I've listened to a lot of high-end systems but never thought that on my budget I could achieve a comparable sound.
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