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Actually I'm new in audio stuff, any suggestion to me would be appreciated. I just bought a set of infinity alpha series speakers (alpha 40, 37c, 1200s and 25es) with pioneer 45tx, they all connected with monster cables. The question is, when i listen to music, I could hear a very very little background noise from the speakers, so is there any good way to minimize it? or get rid of it?


The noise is probably in the source material. I don't know the 45tx but check the manual for its signal to noise ratio. Is the noise still present when you disengage the DSPs (Surround circuitry) and tone controls? If its disapears, then it's probably the DSPs. There's no fix for that except a new receiver. Also check that you don't have dynamic range compression turned on. On some receivers it's called "Night" mode.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Derek,

I will try your suggestion later, so is that mean I should always turn on the Night mode(45TX called it midnight)? Also, is there anything related to the DVD player? Since mine is not so good, only using the sony 715. And can you please suggest me some receivers(around 1500) that might perform better on that?

Thanks again

You want midnight mode off. It compresses the audio so that you can hear low-level sounds when the volume is down low, like in the middle of the night. It "pulls" the low-level stuff up so it's easier to hear but it "pulls" the noise floor up with it - thus the hiss.

Infinity speakers are unusually efficient speakers. You are going to need a receiver with very high signal tp noise ratio. Find a receiver that supports 24 bit proccessing on all channels and go to manufacturers' web sites and find the s/n ratio specs. $1500 is a lot of money. Denon, Onkyo, Integra, HK and others can give you what you want.
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