JBL SCS 150 - Please help


I'm looking at getting the JBL speaker system for my 6.1 receiver. What is the best rear center speaker to get for this system? I'm assuming I'll just get a different JBL center and use the one in the system for the rear center. Does this make sense or is there a different speaker I should look at? I was told that I should make sure it is voice matched with the others. Can I just assume that if it is by the same company it will be???

My personal home theater is made up of many different brands of speakers, and I think it sounds fine. I don't think voice matching is all that big of a concern. However, if all your speakers are the same branda and speaker series, they will be voiced matched. For my rear channel speakers, I have a couple Boston VRS speakers. They drop down from the wall which is real handy and saves space. They also sound great. I think one VRS would be great for a rear center channel.

I've heard that JBL is coming out with a new line called the SCS 160 which will have a center and 5 satelites so that should solve the 6.1 issue. Does anybody know when this package will be hitting the shelves?

For the money JbL does make a good speaker.I have the Northridge series .I also have a 6.1 reciever.but I don't use it because there are only a handfull of movies that have 6.1.It may be more popular someday,so i will wait awhile to get that extra speaker to hook it up.Voice matched speakers is a good idea.What that really means is that the sensitivity of the speakers are the same.This helps keep the sound levels balanced,and a smooth transition from left to right and front to back.You still may have to tweak your system to get a smooth soundstage,but its better to tweak a little rather than have unmatched speakers and risk having to tweak a bunch and it still not be enough.
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