Dum question: what is cross over frequency?


indeed what is it?

A cross-over frequency is point in the audio band where audio begins to fall off to 0db. Technically it's the point where it is 3db down and then falls much faster. That is sometimes called the "Corner Frequency".

As an example, lets use an 80Hz subwoofer cross-over. Ideally there should be a High-pass (for the satellites) and a low pass (for the sub) at the same frequency. The subs cross-over will actually start to attenuate the audio somewhere around 100 Hz but it will be three decibels down at 80 Hz. Below 80 Hz the audio is typically attenuated at 12 db per octave. The same is done for the satellites except audio above the corner frequency (80 Hz) is passed through the cross-over probably starting around 60 Hz.

The 3 db down point is important because, electrically, two overlapping corner frequency curves will add up to 0db and prevent what appears to be a dip in the frequency response.

Hope this helps.
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