Multi-room AND home theatre w/ Sony receiver???


Brad Cornelius
Hey all,

Moving into a new home, and want to be able to both:::

listen to a movie in surround (bass module and 5 speaker setup) hooked up to my t.v.

AND listen to cd's around the house with an extra set of speakers, either in the dining room and/or kitchen.

With a Sony STR-DE545 receiver (buttons on the face for A and B speakers) can this be done?

I'm guessing I'd need a home theater speaker group, and a separate set of speakers for the other room, right?


The Sony STR-DE545 receiver is not multi-room capable. You can use the A/B swith for either/or listening, but you will not be able to play both 5.1 surround in one room, and stereo music in another at the same time.

The Onkyo TX-DS898 is a true 2-zone receiver.
The JVC RX-9010VBK is another lower cost option.

Brad Cornelius
That's just fine with me. I didn't mean to imply that I would need separate music playing simeultaneously, after all, our new place is only 900 sq.ft ! The A/B feature is, I suppose, just what I'm looking for.

So I can theoretically connect my current Bose sub, and two sets of cubes, installing them in the bedroom, or kitchen, etc. Then I'll get a separate surround system dedicated to the family room where the TV is.

The markings on the back panel of the STR-DE545 aren't clear about which are A and which are B, but that'll be fairly easy to figure out.



I own a Sony CDX-CA650X CD Receiver and when I insert a CD, the unit makes a clicking noise, (gears grinding) I have taken the HU out and blown on it and it begins to work. Could this have anything to do with cold weather? It has happened twice so far. Please explain what is wrong and why it is happening. Does it damage the receiver?


Tom Schultz
Actually, the McIntosh MTH-100 is a true multi-zone receiver. It is the only receiver I know of that will play independent sources in two zones with independent tone contols for each zone. I have an Onkyo 909PRO with independent zones but the second zone doesn't have the all important tone controls. Just a flat response. I'd love a McIntosh, but just can't come up with the $5.000 for one. Tom
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