Kenwood 6070 or Onkyo 501...


TeeVee Boy
I'm somewhat of a a/v receiver newbie (my only other point of reference is a RCA HTIB cheapo DD5.1 that I've used for a few years...which sounds OK).

I recently got a closeout Kenwood 6070 for $317 (based on comments in the other "6070" thread) and it is a very nice receiver on my current 5.1 setup. I know it has lots of room to grow and lots of cool features that I may or may not use. The audio performance with 5.1 is amazing, and the other analog modes are great, too, considering I have yet to upgrade my speakers.

My main concerns with the 6070 are (1) lack of high-bandwith HD component switching which I would like to use for my XBox and progressive scan DVD, and (2) limited digital audio inputs (2 optical, 1 coax...I have 4 optical component that I could coax).

I see that the Onkyo 501 is out now and is retail $299. It has lower power ratings, HD component switching, only 6.1 audio, one more optical input. Is Onkyo a better brand? Is it worth swapping before my 30 days are up? Or should I stick with the Kenwood and forget about the component switching shortcomings?


You don't need the extra bandwith unless you get the optional Xbox HD accessories. Even in that case most companies dissagree what bandwidth is enough for HD. Some companies say 20 Mhz, Sony says 50 Mhz, Denon says 100 Mhz and Parasound put 300 Mhz bandwidth on their new controller because they say that that is needed for best quality HD. I doubt you will see much of a difference unless your TV is really hot stuff and you have a picky eye. Remember that this only matters on an HD capable TV.
Out of curiosity, what is the listed bandwidth of the 2 recievers? If one or the other isn't saying then you may find that they are the same.
Good Luck.

TeeVee Boy
The Kenwood is 10 mhz, not sure on the Onk.
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