Re-Calibrate My Subwoofer?


What does it mean to re-calibrate my subwoofer. I was advised to re-caligrate my sub if using a Y-spliter. Huh? Not sure what it means. Should I be worried about this?

BTW, I own a Velodyne SPL 1000 series II sub.

j. vigne
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Who told you that? How dare they!!!

Probaly they meant to adjust the level control. When you drive both channels of the sub (with a Y connector), as opposed to just one channel, you pick up a 6 dB gain in level for the same setting on the processor (reciever).

Level sets are really a matter of personal taste. Were you, or, are you experiencing a problem?

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I'm not experiencing any issues, at least none that I know of. I used an SPL meter to measure and I can happily say that my system sounds awesome. Is there a general rule of thumb as to high loud to set a sub for music or movies? Right now, I have it set to the same db level with the rest of my speakers. It is preference, but how do you have yours setup? Thanks for the reply!

j. vigne
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It is simply preference until the audio police crash through the door. The manuals say it should be equal level but that is subjective and most processors and recievers have a series of controls on the remote that allow you to adjust level on the fly so you can get a big explosion from "The Italian Job" and then scale back the settings for a music video. As we have discussed in another portion of this forum the inconsistancies in the recording process of the various formats seems to be getting worse rather than better. So set your levels where you like tham and don't worry.
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