DBX SF50 speakers????


Does anyone know anything about DBX speakers Model SF50....these speakers are over 5 feet tall and weight about 100lbs. each

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I really would like to know what theya re worth today.


Scott Tyson styson@snaplink.org

These where a very well built, sounding, and large speakers. They need room to function properly.

You don't give enough information on condition, if you own them, or are looking to buy them used. they were not cheap.$$$$

All I can tell you, is they were and still are a high quailty speaker when all drivers are working and OEM equipment is still their.

thank you. ['m looking for specific parts fot my soundfield 50s, drivers and crossover. any help please. thanks

I am the one who have these speakers, they are a high quality set. do you want to sell them or parts of them i need some components for replacement, I will appreciate a reply

i too am looking for SF50 speakers to use for replacement parts, or if i find a sutiable replacement iwould sell mine.
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