Integra DTR5.3 - Let's have some discussion about this topic.


Bubba Franks
What do you think about this system?

I'd like to know too. I've been researching off and on for a week for a good surround sound system. I'm torn between the Denon AVR-1803, Onkyo TX-SR600 and now the Integra DTR-5.3 ($90 more, so is that difference worth it?).

Speakers are even harder with either:
1. Boston System 9000 II Micro (w/ VR910 center)
2. Klipsch Quintet Micro (w/ KSW-12 sub & SC-1 center)

3. Difinitive Technology ProCinema 80
4. Paradigm (haven't listened to yet)

I'm going crazy here!

Phil Krewer
Bubba et al,

I can't really comment on these recievers as I have not heard them but here is a thread that might help


I OWN the Boston system and after 5 years of listening and saying, "ho hum, someday I'll get rid of these," I finally did.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and DO NOT get the Boston micro system. mail me offline if you want more details, but there are FAR better systems you can get for that money!!!!!!

Don't want to be a jerk, but you can get worlds better. Let mw know, I just went through this upgrade process.


does anyone know if (adio/video recievers)integra is as good as or better than NAD? Thanks
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