My kenwood 6070 clicks when i raise the or lower the volume


is this normal? my friend told me that its probably normal because there may be a bit of lag because the digital volume control may lag if the sound volume is abruptly raised or lowered.

i want to know if this is normal for all 6070 recievers, or is my receiver faulty? should i exchange it?

i dont ever get that on mine that sounds weird:S

you mean from the speakers or from the dial control?

from speakers, ill get it when i turn the dial control, my speakers are very sensitive, they pick up the smallest imperfections in a recording or sound,

im think it may be a side effect from digital amplification, kind like you pc speakers, if you raise you volume control in windows up and down, you should here audible pops and clicks because its a digital amp

im thinking my kenwood is doing the same?

g dawg listen for it carefully, what speakers are you using with the reciever?
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