Rotel RSX-1055 Receiver


Does anyone know anything about the Rotel RSX-1055 receiver? I hear it is one of the better sounding receivers in the market. Is that true? How are its surround features?

Brian G
Don't know about the sound of the 1055 but i'm a huge fan of Rotel from way back, my stereo system sounds awesome with an old rotel integrated, so i'm sure things have only improved since i last bought. As for surround features it's got everything you could be after, although you will have to add another 2 channel amp to get "7.1" surround, if you intend to put that many speakers on it.

Yeah, HA, I bought an RSX-1055, after a LONG time comparing various units, I was considering Marantz, Yamaha, Denon, Integra, but eventually narrowed it down to Rotel and NAD. I was looking for the best stereo sound possible, but still have Dolby EX and DTS ES. I considered the Arcam briefly, but they don't offer the advanced surround yet, and can not be had locally (I live in Buffalo) The NAD sounds real good, but I went with the Rotel because I thought it sounded more transparent and open. I also was concerned about reliability issues with the NAD. My local hi-end retailer dropped NAD for poor reliability (he says) and claimed the Rotel had less "bells and whistles" than the THX Integra, for the same money, but much higher fidelity. I concur. It is a marvelous sounding receiver. Good Luck!
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