Remote control for the Pioneer Elite VSX-43TX


I just bought this reciever, and the remote is different from the catalog they sent me, My remote is a regular remote and the one in the catalog has a lcd screen on it, I contact Pioneer and they said I should have the remote with the LCD screen, here is the catch, the manual has the standard remote and the lcd remote, DID I GET AN EARLY VERSION, can anyone help...

This is an old post so I'm not sure if you are reviewing responses. I don't have an answer for you but I am considering buying this unit. Can I ask... did you buy this via mail order? I understand some internet retailers may be selling old units (not just pioneer), perhaps the reason for some of the incredibly cheap deals (50-60% below list). Actually Pioneer will not honor the warranty on elite units sold mail order since none of these dealers are "authorized" pioneer sellers (they won't sell any of the Elite line over the internet.)

By the way.. how do like this model??

Actually I bought this from Tweeter,

If you go on the pioneer website, it has the manual and it also shows a regular remote and not LCD Beside the remote the reciever is great, I cannot complain, If you go to their website you an get the manual for it before you buy it, you may want to look at the 45TX, you can probable get it for the same price ast the 43Tx

I just bought the Pioneer Elite VSX-43TX to power my Klipsch Quintet surround system. I have it up and running w/ digital cables connecting the receiver and other components. I cannot overemphasize how simply astonishing the sound is. I viewed the storming of the beachhead scene atthe start of Saving Private Ryan on DVD -- not joking: it was the most incredible audio repreoduction I have ever experienced, in a store set-up, at a theatre, or otherwise. Please buy this receiver -- it's worth the money to get this high-end product to serve as the backbone of your home theatre system.

This may be a moot point now, considering the age of these postings, but what i've found out from Pioneer is that the remote with the LCD display IS a typo in the current Elite catalog. The 43 TX has a gray-silver finish universal-style remote that alot of people seem to dislike, but don't let that sway you from considering a 43TX...i've had mine a month now and it's an incredible machine for the price.
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