Component AND SVideo/RCA Video Switching


Does anybody know of a receiver that can do component AND s-Video (or RCA) video switching in a mixed-bag? For example, I have the following:

Component DVD
Component HDTV
Component Playstation
S-Video VCR
S-Video Nannycam

Most receivers I have seen allow me to choose component OR s-Video input, but not mix them. Is it possible to switch between these devices? TIA

Denon 3803 can do this.


The Integra DTR-8.3 will upconvert all inputs to component video.

Phil Krewe
If I'm not mistaken the 8.3 only unconverts to S-video and not to complonent.


Denon 3803 will do it... wideband and so will a Kenwood VR-5090 both are ~$1000... however both only sport 2 inputs... whereas you're after 3 inputs... If you have $4000 you can buy a Denon AVR-5803 =)
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