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Hello to all,
I would like to start by thanking you all for your contributions to this forum. I have been in the market to replace my HK 3370 which I have never been happy with. The discussions on this forum have been very helpful in my quest.

A little history.
As mentioned above I was not happy with the sound from my HK3370 so I started by trying to rearrange my Paradigm Studio 20 V3's in different postions around the room. This did not help. I have a Rotel RA02 in a seperate area where it is used primarily for listening to background music through inceiling speakers. I removed the RA02 and hooked it up in place of the HK. This resulted in 2 findings. The RA02 had a far superior sound to my ear. It was clear with plenty of detail and the bass was strong and tight (something that was distinctly missing from the HK). The second finding was that the RA02 was to forward to my ears for my main listening area. So my quest began. I started by googling through the internet where I stumbled on this forum and started reading trough various threads. I contacted my Hi Fi store which I favour due to the deals which they have given me in the past. Based on price, inventory and forum threads I narrowed my choices down to the Nad C372 and the Arcam A65 (priced within $50). Off to the store I went with my Paradigms under my arm to commence with the audtions (one of the best advice I read on the forum). Although I found the A65 more detailed (to my ears) at low volumes, it could not compete with the C372 anywhere above low volume (to my ears). I purchased the C372 along with the C422 and have been a happy camper since. The sound is nice and detailed. The bass is pronounced and tight. Again this is to my ears as sound can be subjective.

Now to my question.
I have the C372 bi wired to my Paradigm Studio 20 V3's. My CDP is an Arcam Alpha 5+. The interconnects used for the CDP are identical to the ones I use between the C422 and the C372. What I am finding is that there is a difference in volume when listening to the CDP and the tuner with the volume dial at the same level. The CDP is much louder. Is this normal? Is it a sensitivity issue within the tuner compared to the CDP? Should I be concerned? Any responses would be greatly appreciated as this has really got me scratching my head.

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