Sony lissa pc connectivity


im currently looking at this system for full intergration with my pc studio....

but have been stumped.. it first i couldnt find any mention as to whether or not i could play music from my pc to the lissa then i find this.

" In fact, the only obvious downers at this stage are that you can't copy music from the LISSA to your PC (or vice-versa)" at

that would indicate that there is no musical transfre ability between the lissa and the pc.

so i ask whats the point? just so the pc can work as a desktop remotecontrol?

you can buy using the second version of the lissa softwrae - but its only available currently in Japan, if someone can get me a copy ill have one!!! do a search on google for lissa mp3.

Something odd though is that in XP you can play audio via firewire through the lissa - although the software ownt work on XP, ive had to make my xp machine 2000 dual boot

I'm also looking for the second version of control software for the LISSA. Let me know if you have it. Can version 2 (PCLK-LSA2) actually record wav files from yor PC to the LISSA MD? Denis

Let me know if there's any news about the pclk-lsa2

I've just gotten PCLK-LSA2. Version 2 of the LISSA software

Denis James
Nicolas at Hifissimo is going to post Version 2 here:

go to bottom of page

"Téléchargement du logiciel de la Sony Lissa pour PC"

Click on that!

That should be where he puts version 2 for download. It should be there shortly.

Denis James
Go here for Version 2

(11.3MB Download)
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