JBL PB12 Sub. What would I gain by using a Y-connector to connect to my sub L&R connection? Am I better off just using the left input? Any advice.


If your amp has only one connection, only use one on the sub. It is unlikely but it is possible that utilizing both inputs of the sub in parallel (with a Y-connector) could load the receivers output and affect its frequency response.

My suggestion would be the same as Derek,but i would also disable the internal subs xover by switching to LFE on the amp,that would help overprocessing of the lower frequencies and optimize the sub output.This means you would make the necessary sub adjustments on your reciever.

John K.
Using a Y-connector to feed both inputs on the sub would result in slightly more voltage delivered to the sub amplifier at any given setting of the level controls and therefore a slightly higher output. However, nearly all receiver sub outputs can supply more than enough voltage for any sub and the same result can be obtained by a slight increase of the sub level control on the receiver, so using a Y has no real advantage.

Incidentally, the previous reply probably meant to say to set the switch on the SUB to LFE so that the sub crossover would be bypassed and it wouldn't interfere with the crossover on the receiver, which is all that's needed.

Thanks for your responses. I'm getting more than enough base with my one cable setup. I just wanted to know if there was any benefit.

Attention: Helpful Audio Gurus

Bought a pre-owned VLF1012 (3-4 months used). I tested it at my friend's place before bringing it home, it worked well. Competed very respectably with his 15' Atlantic Sub.

Went home hooked it up to my RXV-630 and nothing is coming out.

1. My IE Bass in the menu is set to both, I have also tried SFWR only, to no avail.

2. Tried both ixos and normal RCA cables, so no problem with cables. Subwoofer out from receiver input left / right VLF.

3. Yes. VLF is plugged in and light is on.

4. Tried various DVDs and CD's.

5. I've unplugged it and "rebooted" the system.

6. Test tones don't work. The receiver has the LFE signal lighted.
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