Two mini ipods on one windows PC


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I have a brand new Dell PC (5000). I have 2 brand new mini ipods.

The PC has been set up with 2 log ins - one for me and one for my wife.

One ipod software disk has been downloaded and one ipod registered via serial number. I-tunes is working fine on both logins i.e. recording music onto the seperate Itune software on the seperate log ins.

However I do not know how to register the second mini ipod to ransfer music from itunes to the second ipod.

The first ipod & itunes is woking fine and is downloading music to the first ipod.

However while we can load songs onto the second Itunes - we cannot transfer the music to the second ipod.

I believe this must be because we haven't registered the second ipod's serial no because we haven't downloaded the CD that came with that Ipod.

Do we download the second install CD? My tech friends say downloading 2 lots of the same software is bad but I don't know how to register the second ipod.

Can anyone help?

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I'm having same problem. iTunes does not seem to recognize the 2nd iPod mini.

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am having the same problem. i already have an ipod (40GB) and that works fine but now I have a mini which came with a new CD ROM for installation. however, the software on that CD ROM is a later version than the software on the CD ROM for my first ipod. but i don't want to install the new software incase it means my first ipod won't work. HELP!

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I've had my ipod mini for about 8 months now and everything's working fine and downloading is fine.Recently my sister bought an ipod mini, and if she wants to use some of my songs on her ipod how can I put them on her ipod without unclicking every song in my library ? Is there a way I can also use her songs ? Please help.

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Sme problem here.I have had my iPod for about 12 months but now my wife has bought a mini iPod but I have not been able to instal a second version of the software. Pls help!

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Same problem. I bought an iPod mini for both of my kids and one works fine but can't seem to register the second. I am at a loss as to what to do. Please help!

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you have to give the second iPod a different designation/name. Go to the tech support at and you will get some answers there.

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Two mini IPODS one PC. The new mini IPOD will not come up at all.

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What is the best way to set up two ipods on one computer. I have an ipod and nano. The PC is a Dell with enough disc space for all the songs.

What issues are there with doing this?

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I have one pc, I want to have my ipod music stored and not lose anything. My sister has a 4gb nano and wish to store music for her but not the music stored for this possible? what do i need to do to resolve this?
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