Kenwood VR-6070


I've been reading the manual and it shows several speaker setups whereby there are 3 front speakers L,C,R + two side surround Speakers L,R and two Back surround speakers BK L,R. If I count this up, I see there should be 7, (3 front, 2 side, and 2 back). There are only six speaker outputs. Only one Back Surround channel but THX EX, DTE-ES, and SRS II all show seven speakers, excluding the sub-woofer. Any ideas??

I may have figured this out. I guess the 6070 is only a 6 ch-amp. I have another old H/K amp that I can take the Pre-out for Back Surround L/R and drive it that way.

Greg Lee
It is odd that the manual shows two back surrounds in the diagrams but says nothing about how to hook up two back surrounds. Perhaps they have to show two of them for the THX licensing thing.

There are two ways to hook up two back surrounds. You can use the 6ch amp and connect two speakers in series to the receiver's binding posts for the surround back. That's one. Or you can connect an external stereo amp to the pre-outs for surround back left and surround back right. This leaves the 6ch amp unused.

Using the external stereo amp is better, since then you can set the distances and volumes for the two surround back speakers independently. Also, I understand from a posting in another thread, the signals going to two back surrounds are decorrelated, which should give a better sound field.

However, if you use the 6070's 6ch amp for one back surround and pre-out plus external amp for the other, as I think you are suggesting, you lose the advantages I just mentioned. Then, according to the manual, the receiver produces just one mono signal for the two back surrounds.
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