HK AVR525 found for $575.00/$21.00 ship. Should I go for it or wait a month until


the new models discussed here are out. When they are, how far do you think the AVR525 will drop in price.The price shown is from J&R, an authorized dealer on the HK web page (they price matched another vendor). Do you think there will be enough of a price difference to wait the month? The offer from J&R is only good for 7 days.

The newer models comparable to the AVR525 will be listing for $1000+. Do you want to spend that much on a receiver? What does the newer model have that the AVR525 dosen't have and is it worth the $500 price difference?

Make sure the HK is a good match for your speakers first.

Yeah I would say go for it!! The 525 pushes 70by7 which for H/K is really like 80 watts by 7.
So any speaker should be a good match for the H/K.
I am going to get the 525 too!!! Its so sweet. I really like the digital bass manager, it negates the need to buy a seperate bass manager. It still sells for 999$ and lists at 1044$ so thats a great deal, even better since its an authorized dealer.
I say go for it with no looking back as I highly doubt you will regret it!!! See ya
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