Yamaha 2300 Vs Onkyo TX SR800 VS Denon 2802/3803


I was wondering if anyone had experience using Energy C9 floor speakers. What would be the best receiver to go along with them ?

Recommendations ?


curious to where you found the c9 speakers. I work for the good guys and am very familiar with the c9's. For one thing they are a very flat speaker, which is good if you are using them primarily for music. I always recommend a significant amount of power to run the c9's otherwise they sound a bit muddy. A denon reciever would be your best match, due to the fact that they are very bright recievers and really push the dynamic range with their D/A converters. IF you are using them for theater than even the better to go with Denon. I have played with the c9's on different applications, such as SACD, DVD-A, as well as theater. I've been using the Denon 4802 and the Yamaha RXV3300. The yamaha is much flatter sounding, considering they are the #1 manufacturer of musical instruments. The Denon definitely out performs and is much more versatile at higher volumes. good luck and I hope this helps. IF you have any questions feel free to email me.

Matt Brush
product specialist
Good Guys electronics

Thanks for your opinion Matt. I found the C9s at GoodGuys ofcourse ! Was impressed with the fullness of the sound. However Ive been confused on these speakers ever since I heard the Boston VR 965 with the built in sub. They definitely had the WOW factor.

I wish to use the setup for music as well as movies. Am leaning in favor of Denon 3803. As far as the speaker goes, do you have any recommendations ?

Whats better ? Energy + Sub or Boston ? I liked the punch in the Boston, but was told by the local Goodguy salesperson that Boston lacked the quality of C9, though I couldnt make out much of a difference, unless I really turned up the C9.


As a former Denon (AVR1400)and Onkyo (TX-L5) owner and as an owner of Boston acoustics loudspeakers, I would suggest a receiver shootout which includes the Harman Kardon AVR525.

It is a running competitor (well, running leader)with the other receivers you're looking at, and I was flattened by it's overall performance and quality upon my purchase about a month ago.

I will never buy another Denon (which died in 6 years) and never sounded good "quite right" with my Boston's.

The HK is a supremely musical receiver.

The ears never lie!


Phil Krewer

I just bought the 3803 about a week ago and love it. It has the most detailed sound of any receiver I have owned and for the money the best components. The SR800 is also an excellent receiver for the money. I had a DS797 and would have happily kept if it didn't have a problem. I can't comment on the HK525 as I have never heard one, but I did have a HK520 and was not empressed, but that's a matter of opinion.

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