Denon 3803 Zone 2


The 3803 is my first real receiver and I am just overwhelmed by all those plugs and sockets. After crawling the attic for a couple days, the front and center speakers are connected and working. But I don't understand how to get the speakers on zone 2 working. I have tested the zone 2 speakers and they work fine. The instruction manual is not very clear.

If someone will be kind enough to provide me better instructions or point me to a better sources, I'd really appreciate it.



the multizone on the denon product has a few catches:

1) the amp's must be assigned to multizone (setup menu)
2) multizone volume control is only done via the remote
3) multizone can only play analog sources
4) you can either play 7.1 output or multizone, but not at the same time (only 7 amps) did i say only?
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