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I've got a turntable connected to my CPU through a 90db preamp (using built-in A/D converter)....

Want to dub CD to CD....Windows Media Player & my recording/editing software won't let, using what little education I've got, I thought of buying an inexpensive portable CD player (Sony Walkman D-EJ001; $30) and running a patch wire from the headphone jack to the IN jack on the back of my CPU....should work with my recording/editing software (AUDACITY)....

I was wondering if the two were "compatable" (with the volume set at minimum, should stay in the mw range)....

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If you just want to make an exact copy try using a programe called 'Clone CD', gives you perfect copy of CD everytime[].That might help unless i misunderstood the thread.
Think about it- your computer has to convert the signal from the portable CD from analogue and back again thru digital . Its time consuming and not certain to work[depending on quality of sound card]! Windows Media Player is a memory hogger don't bother with it! I always use Winamp when playing music.

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Figgered it out, Carl....still some "bugs" to work out, but I can now convert CDs to .wav files (CDex)....use AUDACITY to convert LPs to .wav form....just use Windows Media Player to burn files to a CD....then, I delete 'em (still leave 'em in my C: file)....

Oh, what file is Winamp in?

Walter Graham
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I use Exact Audio Copy to rip CDs and FLAC to compress them while still being lossless. I use Foobar2000 (Which has support for most audio formats and if it doesn't out of the box, it can with a plugin or two).

I am currently using a mini-rca out from my audigy 2 card to my reciever, and I intend to upgrade to 6 ch. analog once I change recievers. With a certain set of open source drivers I can get the card to output 96k stereo, but I have been lazy lately.
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