Help with new surround setup to go with Nad T763


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All- Now in phase 2 of my hometheater setup.

Just purchased a Nad T763 receiver- which is working great. Looking at picking up a couple of towers (or bookshelf) fronts/ a center and two rears for a better/ prettier 5.1 setup. May even consider a new sub as part of a package- although I will probably look at Hsu/ SVS or go with a smaller sunfire, etc.

Won't be using in a huge space- and I don't need anything over the top- so I am looking for something that is a mid-range system- say $2-$3k (or less)- that will mate well w/ the Nad- and will look good- since it will be in the living room. (currently have a polk RM-6700 setup- which isn;t the best to look at).

Question - is any quick rec's on systems? My dealer was telling me about PSB Image setup (5T, 2B, 9C)- and I have read some great reviews on Dynaudio, Paradigm, Energy, etc. setups. Any thoughts on 4 bookshelves (which would be better than the polks i have now)? Or should I try to have towers in the front?

BTW- Will use 70/30 for HT/TV and music. May even go the audiogon route and piece something together for fronts/ center if it makes sense to save some $'s and step up a bit on brand.

I appreciate any input.
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