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Hi, I just got a new surround sound amplifer and I have a big car subwoofer that's acting as a coffee table. My problem is that the only way the sub can recieve input is through regular speaker wires. I have 4 speaker wires for the left and right side of the sub. On my amp, all I have is the subwoofer pre-out port. Obviously you can't connect 4 speaker wires to that port. I don't have a powered subwoofer as this was meant for a car! Right now I just have it plugged into the front speaker outputs and have them set to LARGE. But the bass is still very weak. Basically, my question is how do I power this thing and get it to work with my new amp?

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Sell it, and replace it with a subwoofer designed for the intended purpose. It will probably sound awful in that setting anyway.

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It's not worth selling. Kind of old. I might get 50 bucks for it maybe. Right now, it's the best I got.

Basically, I'm thinking I need a separate amp for it or something, but I have no idea how to do that, get an AC to DC converter, etc. Maybe it's more trouble than its worth :-(

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I agree...

You'd be better off buying a powered sub designed for home use.

I wonder if you could hook up a separate amp up to the preout for the sub on your receiver. That would probably do the trick.

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Try building an enclosure for it that way it may or may not perform better, over what you are trying to achieve...

MDF is the chose for building a sub bass enclosure, with a ported design it may give the results that you are after.

By the way a picture of the sub bass unit as well as it's name and model, along with some specifications.
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