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Hi guys and thank you for all the heplful information you've posted on this best hifi thread og the WWW.
I'm bying a two years old Nad c370 amplifier and I was wondering what things I should check out before I buy the amp. It looks mint on the outside but it's the inside I'm wondering about. Any help very well apreciated. Have a good day

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Hi there. You'll need to plug the amp in and hear it in action, you won't be able to tell anything just by looking at it. A good physical condition is a good sign though, if it appears that it's been looked after. Turn the amp on and check that the volume, treble and bass controls don't crackle when you turn them. Then check that the amp is putting out a decent signal to each channel by turning the balance control to the left & right whilst listening for a similar signal from both with good bass and volume. If one channel is weaker than the other then something isn't right. Then check that the amp appears to be cranking some decent power. This being a c370 it should sound very loud with hardly any turn of the volume control. After that, you just need to check that the inputs work. If you're only ever going to use the one then that's fine but I'd hook up a source to each input (except 'disc' unless you have a phono preamp) and check that the amp is registering them and amplifying the signal with no problems. After that it's just a matter of checking the remote works if you're bothered about that!

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hey i need help install a used amp i bought about 4 years ago.Its a pioneer gm-x542 2 channel 120
i forgot what the system control line is for and lpf and hpf ??? no clue and where do you put the on/off switch straight from the power line or no?
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