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Help me pls...i have 2 12" sony XS-L122P5....Peter Galbraith2
Custom Subwoofer Vibration eliminator (pics) input?Cory skoda7
Distrtion... please HELP!!!Christopher Lee3
Newbie HelpEric3
What causes the subwoofer to kick on.Anonymous5
How often should you change a subwoofer driverelippe3
Subwoofer feedback/noise helpMalcolm Macdonald1
Anyone ever heard of Alpine MG-1912 12" 1000w subs?My Pro5
Please HelpKBear2
Meyer MS-18Anonymous1
Point oneBlazer1
Really Powerful Sub?Robert McCarthy17
How do I connect my sub?Stu Pitt3
What subwoofer????Yury2
Recharchable battery powered subwooferMike5
Can I add a powered sub-woofer?Jake Bell1
Ok, I'm ready to be's my nube questionart ortega5
Help! Good movies/chapters to test my new sub?Anonymous11
Fluance DB-200 versus Hsu STF-1Peter Galbraith10
How to connect niles psw8 sub to dennon avr2805 receiverStof2
Subwoofer Box Design - do proportions make a differene lwh?Noal Smith2
Subwoofer not working at all...Nick DeRose1
Which subwoofer, PLease help...Art Kyle5
Amplifier Crossover vs Sub CrossoverPaul3
Pyle subsJimvm3
Sub wiring? Series, and then Parallel?Christopher Lee2
Alpine Type-R issuesPeter Galbraith2
W6 vs. w3Jimvm2
SVS anyone?Paul26
Subwoofer connectionbkfinest2
HSU or SVS in CanadaDanman64
PossibilitiesChristopher Lee3
Which sub for psb image series?Sem18
Hsu stf 2Peter Galbraith2
SpeakersJan Vigne4
Budget subsPeter Galbraith11
Very litlle audio from subIan McLean3
Car systemPaul3
Need helpPaul3
(2)-2003 Kicker Comp 15"Knacko6
Hsu STF-2 Charles Herbert2
Hey Lookie here what I foundJan Vigne3
Definitive Technology ProSub 80 or HSU STF-1?Michael2
This or that?Jan Vigne14
Outlaw LFM-1subwooferjoseph coulson5
Fluance subPeter Galbraith6
SubwoofersAndy Summers2
Blown out subwoofers!!!!My Rantz5
Need Help!!!!!!!!!Christopher Lee2
Crossover..what is it and what does it doThe Nerdly Guy2
No response from Sub??The Nerdly Guy3
Helpdavid patient1
HSU STF2... STF3... or VTF2mk2 which one?Peter Galbraith8
Ready to add speakers... looking for sub recPeter Galbraith2
Subwoofer helpCharles Herbert1
Sub building...joseph coulson3
Maggie Owner's Input WantedArt Kyle2
Box for subs help.Chad Geib1
Car subwoofer used for house???Greggs1
Velodyne VRP-1200cabellero1
Subwoofer M&K V-76 - Anybody has experience with this ?Jan Vigne7
Good speaker cable brand for Subwoofer ?Frank Abela17
Non-powered sub hookupPeter Galbraith2
SubWoofer Noise - Cone rattles at certian freq..HELPAmSamoan5
Connecting subs to ComputerBLAAAAH5
2600 Watt KRELL Sub: Rub your eyesJAW3
8" sub and 12" fronts, set up question.Peter Galbraith4
Home Subwoofer around $400??Jimvm14
Subwoofer connectionMy Rantz8
Bose cube speakers - what Sub should I getAnonymous5
You guys have to see thisAndy Summers5
Damage to house b/c of sub?Andy Summers7
Popping JBL subwoofer when system is offJan Vigne3
BEST SUBSAndy Summers7
HSU STF-2 vs SVS PB10Peter Galbraith4
HSU (STF1) or Orb Audio (Super 8) ?Edster9223
Best sub systems advertised as "musical" subs.Robert McCarthy4
Photo album maybe been done before..Subfanatic2
Help building a box...Jan Vigne2
I need help buying a good stero systemJason James Miller3
JBL PB12 broken?ben wegner1
Got some questions for the pros...Jan Vigne4
Infinity PS-12, JBL E250P, or Sony SA-WX700Greg Lee4
Highend Home sub...Arthur Kyle6
MMmmm, this is what I call LOUD subandrew keller2
New to the forums.........what to get mtx or velodyne?Arthur Kyle7
Sub connection helpbigreddairyman1
Board under sub like svsjoseph coulson1
Inverted subsbob97873
Shouls Main Floor Speakers Go Through Sub Or Receiver?Clayton5
Speakers work with only one wire connectedTom Dooley6
Which Subwoofer for B&W's?Peter Galbraith5
In wall subwooferAnonymous6
Adire Tempest Vs Dayton Titanic MKIII (sealed)Robert McCarthy1
Need Subwoofer Connection Help!Rajesh Gunnalan6
Trading systems.. yet againSUBZer02
Building a Home Sub: Distance between sub and port ryanc1
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