A-Bus and RS 232


Does anyone know what these are for and the advantages to their use?

Ya, A-Bus is designed to utilize Cat-5 cabling in your walls. You then install small light-switch looking panels in your other rooms and wire them all together, finally hooking the CAT-5 to the back of your theater receiver (with an ethernet-looking port)

The panels have discrete little amps for speakers, and RF tranmitters to send the signals (like source, volume, track, tuning, etc) back to the home theater receiver via the cat-5. It is really cool in that you need only buy one A-Bus ready reciever to have music throughout your entire house.

As far as I know only the Harman Kardon higher-end stuff has it. My AVR525 has it and I WILL use it soon to wire the upstairs of our loft with some speakers and a second media room.

RS323 is serial port protocol, again the HK AVR525 has this too. This is used as an external control interface for tweaking and interfacing with other systems. Best left to installers.

Good luck,


Hey h1pst3r,
I just got a 525 for xmass. It rocks!
you know of any good web sites that go into detail on how to setup (what equipment is needed...Wiring examples...etc)an A-BUS zone?
Appreciate any help..


Hey Congrats!

I freakin' love this thing. I am still hunting for a *review* of this beast, can't wait for a tweak site.

Though, it's looking like I may have to make it :-)

*mail me offline if you find any cool tweaks or have any questions...also, what's your rig like??
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