Whats the deal with theatres?


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ok. I just went and saw Batman Begins. At Galaxy cinema.. Ok, other then the fact the movie sucked major balls, and was soo damn boring i was gonna get up and leave, and they just totally murderd Batman... The sound in the theatre was just. CRAP Gun shots, and broken glass made my ears twitch,Even just the normal dialoge was terrible! it was SOO Bright! sounded like Irratateing Klipsch speakers at really high volume. The low end sucked aswell.. Didnt have oomph or nothing! worst movie experience ive ever had in my life..

You guys ever have some of these experiences?

Well, since I saw it in the IMAX I had the complete opposite experience from you. How big is the cinema and how old is it?

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Hey watch it!


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Big cinema. huge screen. stadium seating. head over to www.cineplex.com thats it. plus the movie was just horrible. i think i woulda died if i saw it in the IMAX. totally ruins batman

Lol sorry klipschfan, im just not a fan of those harsh speakers. :P
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