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There have been a number of shots taken at various people on this forum. I have chimmed in on a few myself. To combat all of the recent negativity, I decided to tell a true story that will hopefully give you a good laugh tonight/this morning (wherever you are) -

My father bought a pair of "Becker" speakers from the infamous 'White Van' in the late 80's/earily 90's. He didn't know much about speakers. He owns a foreign car garage and works on a lot of Mercedes. The real Becker make OEM speakers for them. He didn't fall for the 'too many speakers' routine, but figured it was a couple of guys who stole them. He gave them $150. I knew what happened, but didn't tell him because he would have gotten really pissed.

These are the biggest piece of $hit speakers I've ever seen - Hollow particle board box with no crossover, a 12" cheap paper woofer, 2 fake horns, and fake volume control knobs, all covered in a great black carpet.

When I went away to college I used them for a semester while I was saving for 'real' speakers. After I bought a pair of PSB's, I sent them to my fraternity house to be used as DJ speakers. There they were showered with beer, liquor, cigarette butts, vomit, and urine on an almost daily basis. They were knocked over regularly and even stompped on a couple of times.

After 3 and a half years of abuse, I decided to febreeze the hell out of them and take them home to my father where they belonged. He insisted that I keep them and wondered why I would abuse such a high end speaker.

To this day I still have them. They are now my outdoor party speakers along with a cheap Sony receiver. I love it when people tell me that they sound good. The highs have more holes it them than a 10 lb brick of swiss cheese, and the bass sounds like the bass coming out of a 17 year old punk's car. Midrange? yeah right. The 12" woofer takes car of the entire acoustic spectrum.

I guess a lot of it has to do with that great carpet covering. My father looks at them when he comes over and still shakes his head about what I've done to them.

When should I tell him about the 'White Van Spaeker Scam?'

Anyone else have a good story?

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Good story - go ahead and tell him. He'll probably get a good laugh out of it now. I can't think of a story at present Stu, but I'm really worried about your college:

"There they were showered with beer, liquor, cigarette butts, vomit, and urine on an almost daily basis"

I hate to think what the toilets are like. LOL!


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In my fraternity house the toilets were pretty clean as long as we had pledges around.

My old man would still get pissed. He can't stand it when he knows he's been had... about 15 years later, and he'd probably still go off.

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I finally took my CVs to college in my senior year to use in our apartment, and I was able to empty-out other parties with them. If somebody was throwing a 'kegger' in our building, the crowd would gravitate to our apartment because we had the tunes blasting. Pretty funny, actually. They'd go to the other apartment for refills, and turn around and come back to our place for the tunes.

Anyway, during finals week in the spring, somebody came over to rip them off.
The guy was a complete idiot and a moron too. I was away at a 'finals week' party and one of my roomies came in while he was carrying the stuff out. He was an acquaintence who partied at my place a few times before, but wasnt a friend. Ya know....we knew his name and face, but that's about it. He saw me at the 'finals week' bash, and decided to come over and help himself to my stuff. When my roomie came in and caught him, he said that I asked him to bring my stereo over to the party. LOL......yea right???

The speakers didnt fit in his car, but he still took the components, and left town for the summer.

My only 'summer' college experience was returning to testify to prosecute that sunofabitch. Whoah....there's difinitely some good party activity during summer school!!! And yes, I got my components back.(after I already cashed the insurance check, and replaced the components).

Rippemoff Insurance Co
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Just as we suspected. We hereby demand you return the amount forwarded to you on our check to cover the stolen audio equipment. Failure to do so will result in prosecution.

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I think the statute of limitations has long since passed. I vaguely remember contacting them after my components were returned, and the person who answered the phone said not to worry about it because they were too lazy to deal with it.

Not sure though.......
That was a long time ago. who knows, maybe I just pocketed the money:-)
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