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Im looking to put together a nice system but am looking for some more options for my speakers. The system will be use about 70/30 for home theater/music use where hanging everything but the sub and main front speakers on the wall is imperative. Here is what Im looking at:

3-4K budget for just the speakers
NAD 763 or Denon 3805 Receiver
42" Panasonic HDTV - Plasma(TH42PX20UPHD)
Integra 8.3 or Arcam DV78 DVD player

So I have been looking at an NHT setup with some ST4's up front, their 12" sub the SW-12, and for the center and surrounds their LS-5 (which has a built in mounting bracket as I need to mount the center and surrounds).

I have also been looking at a Paradigm setup. Possibly Studio 60's up front, with the studio center and the on wall Monitor 5's for the surrounds as well as the PW-2100 sub. My other Paradigm option, since mounting the center channel will be just about impossible asthetically (the plasma goes above the fireplace and the center channel would be about 10' up the wall), would be to go with an all monitor setup with Monitor 11's up front, the on wall cc-370 for the center and the on wall monitor 5's for hte rears with the PW-2100 for the sub.

Now these are just some of the setups that I have been considering, but I would love to hear some more about wall hanging-friendly setups. I was looking at the Mythos line of Definitive technology along with a Super Cube I sub for about 4K but I have not seen any reviews from the experts on this one. So does anyone have any great bang for your buck ideas on speaker lines that can be hung on the wall (all except the sub and the 2 main fronts).



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How about a speaker line that you can hang them all on the walls? Check out Magnepan. IMO they are the best sounding speakers made, and a true audio bargain. Check them out. True high end sound, at mid-fi prices.
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