NEED HELP on set up. Klipsch vs Boston (and reciever)


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These set ups reflect my budget.

1. 2 Klipsch synergy F-2 floorstanding fronts, 1 Klipsch synergy c-1 center channel, a Klipsch 12 inch sub and a Yamaha 5.1 reciever (110w x 5)

2. 2 Boston VR1 floorstanding fronts, 1 Boston VR1 center (matching i think), a Klipsch 12 inch sub and a Denon 1705 reciever.

Just curious what the best set up would be.

My main focus is the fronts and the reciever. The klipsch are 325 a piece and the Bostons are 299... The yamaha reciever is $200 and the Denon is $399.

Thanks, any other input helps

Jesus H. Christ they both suck man. Good luck.

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well what is good for the range mofo, lol

Well it would help if you gave us the size of your room and what you will be using your speakers for.

Look at the Klipsch Reference line though instead of the Synergy line. Much better build and sound quality. And as an fyi, Klipsch subs generally suck. HSU and SVS are both highly regarding online in that market.

Ohh, and ditch the Yammie receiver too.

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lol. Okay. well between the two what would you say? the klipsch or the bostons. I have a smaller room 14x20.

I've only heard good about the yamaha recievers... what do you think of the denon then?

I would go for the Klipsch. You dont really need those large floorstanders for that small of a room though. Their larger bookshelf designs with a good sub would give the best bang for the buck.

Denon makes a good receiver; HK is also fairly good as is Marantz. Check on ebay and see if you can find anything from HK factory direct. is a pretty good source for them too.
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