Which is better quality Yamaha or the more expensive Onkyo receivers?


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Which is better quality Yamaha or the more expensive Onkyo receivers?

I am looking at the Yam HTR 5860 or 5890 and My old speakers have 19" woofers in a cabinet with high quality midrange and tweeters so I need real power.
My ear is not so sophisticated that I need NAD or HK and I like the features on the rice burners more anyway.
I was just surprised to see Yamaha price so low and wondered if they dropped their quality.

I have always been happy with Onkyo receivers you just have to over buy them, get more watts; but the surround sound just went out on mine. Only works on bypass now, So Im looking.


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You will like the onkyo TX-LR552 ... Only $200 on the web -

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Stay away from both at that price point look into Harman Kardon. You can get an HK for the same price and it will likely last longer. The HK will probably have a similar feature set.

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C'mon james,

based on the origional statement, do you really think he wanted a recommendation for a $200 receiver?

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so what's your budget anyways?

Personally I'd look into the pure-digital receivers like the Panasonic sa-xr55, JVC 302/402, Kenwood VR-7100, HK 2005, etc. With the exception of the HK, these are all under $300 but apparently have the sound quality of receivers/amps costing several times more.

Go to and do a search, you'll get tons of input on them.

Anytime I read of people selling off $3000 separates in favor of a $300 receiver, I can't help getting very very curious...and I've ONLY heard of this happening with the pure-digitals.

The only one I have actually had a chance to listen to was the $230 JVC RX-F10 which was indeed extremely impressive especially considering its price.

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Since no budget is given.....

I recommend the Yamaha RX-Z9. That will surely drive your big woofers.

Now if you're comparing the 5860 to the 5890??...well, the upper model has a superior power supply.


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The Onkyo TX-LR552 has discreet digital amp section that sounds smooth like an upscale piece - the MSRP is $400, and sounds much more expensive.

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