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anyone got any idea how much this system costs, got it from Mcintosh singapore dealer, one of their turn-key installation, think been sometime, all were the cutting-edge stuff back to the time of installation :

Audio and Home Theater Equipment List
1) C200 SAC Series Audio Preamplifier
2) MX132 Digital Processor Control Center
3) MVP 831 DVD Player (Multi-zone Selectable)
4) MCD 751 Rigid Disc Clamping System CD Transport
5) MDA 700 DAC
6) MLD 7020 Laser Disc Player
7) MC 352 (4 units), 350W/Ch Dual Balanced Design Stereo Power Amplifier for:
7.1) Center Channel
7.2) Passive Subwoofer
7.3) Center Surround Speakers
7.4) 1st row Surround Channel Speakers
8) MC 1000 1000W Dual Balanced Design Mono-bloc Power Amplifier (2 pcs), for 2nd row Surround Channel Speaker
9) MC 1201 1200W Dual Balanced Design Mono-bloc Power Amplifier (6pcs) for XR290 Rosewood Front Channel. Tri-amplification Configuration

1) XR 290 Rosewood finish Front Channel
2) HT 1 (2 pcs) THX Certified Center Channel
3) HT 3 (4 pcs) THX Certified Surround Channel (2 pcs), Center Surround Channel (2 pcs)
4) HT 2 THX Certified Passive Subwoofer
5) XRT 25W 2nd row Surround Channel Speakers
6) PS 112 Active Subwoofer

Karaoke System
1) Mackie Multi-Channel Mixer
2) BMB Key Control
3) Sennheiser Professional Wireless Microphones
4) Anti-feedback Station
5) McIntosh MC202, 200W/Ch Power Amplifier (2 pcs)
6) BMB Karaoke Speaker System

Video Projection
1) ProVision Pro 3000 CRT HD Projector
2) Crystal Image - High Resolution Progressive Scaler
3) Stewart - Motorize Projection Screen
4) Custom made Projector Lift

Simulation System
1) Custom Integration module
2) McIntosh MC 58 Multi-Ch Power Amplifier
3) Effect Simulation Transducer

Intelligence System
Vantage Q System

User Interface
Crestron 2-Way RF, Touch Screen Control via RS232 Control Interface

Room Acoustic Treatment
Kinetic Acoustic Panels (Made to Custom requirement)
Consists of: Ceiling Clouds, Acoustically measured side panels, Acoustic Wall material.

Silverlink - Interconnects, Speaker cables, Video Cables.

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Who gives a sheit?

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Google it piece by piece like any of us would have to do. Do some research. Why do you need to know? Do you like the system, and if you do why does it matter?

If I make the laws, then owning a Karaoke system would be worth ten years in jail.

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The Orion price guide is the best place to start. You'll have to search piece by piece.


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Dale - how does that response help anyone????

If you don't like the topic, don't respond. Being a wiseass helps no one and takes away from the ecoustics forum in general.

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I agree with Markus 100%. What's the point of such a post? Let's all try to be constructive.

In that regard, I must commend Jan. Although I often disagree with him, he is a wealth of information and usually posts only positive things. He didn't get to 4000 posts by replying to every thread whether he had somthing to say or not. Good for you Jan!
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