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Would it work setting up 2 amps one for 5 channel and one 2 channel, If i did this would I have to get the same brand for the sound to sound proper, or even have the same wattage.
Or would neither even matter


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If you are thinking of simultaneously connecting both amps to a single pair of speakers it wouldn't matter what you used because you'd blow them both up as soon as you turned them on.

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aren't some speakers bi-ampable? Or he could have 5 sats and two subs . . . or or or . . .

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no i was goingt to use the five channel on 5 speakers for now and a 2 channel for my other rears in the future

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Justin, you'll be fine, as long as your pre/pro has 7-channel pre-outs. I'm doing the same thing... a 5-channel for my current 5-speaker setup using a 7.1 channel AVR as a pre/pro. When I add the last 2 speakers, I'll do one of two things:

1) Buy a more or equally powerful 2-channel (or 2 monoblocks) to power my fronts and use the 5-channel for center and surrounds, (most likely) or

2) Use the AVR's internal amps to power the BSL/BSR speakers (less likely).


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I would NOT invest big money in a 2-channel amp to power the BSL/BSR speakers.
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