Help: KLH to VCR


I have a low-end KLH receiver that has one output, a REC Audio output. I would like to be able to record radio programming from the receiver to a VCR. However, when I connect the REC Audio out from the reciever to the audio input on the VCR, and then attempt to playback the program using the VCR audio output to the receiver VCR input, I get only static on the tape. As a test, I have also tried to record from my CD player by running it to the VCR through the receiver's REC Audio out, on the chance that the receiver might be designed to relay only external signals through the REC audio out, but this didn't work, either: I got only silence. Should I conclude that the REC Audio out is defective? If so, can I connect the headphone output to the VCR without an impedance problem?
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