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Hi - I've been reading up on the various posts and I would appreciate some advice.

I have been looking for an a/v receiver and floorstanding speaker package (will get surrounds when I can).

On the speaker side I am most happy with the price/sound combination of JM Labs Chorus 714s for the floorstanders.

For receiver I have narrowed them down to the following (they are all the same price) but unfortunately haven't been able to audition them with the speaker package as the JM Labs are quite rare.

Cambridge Audio 540R - auditioned with monitor audios, also heard the NAD on these and the CA was better
NAD T743 - auditioned with the Chorus
Harman Kardon AVR 230 - auditioned with the Chorus
Marantz SR4500 - auditioned with the Chorus

Most of the time it will be used for music so there would be no need for any advances home theatre features but would like it there for the odd movie.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have the CA 540R and I have combined it with Mordaunt-Short Avant 908s and the sound is incredible.

While I was auditioning, I listened to the CA with Monitor Audio, Celestion, KEF, Cerwin Vega, Mission, B&W 600, Mordaunt-Short and it sounded brilliant with MA, KEF and MS. I got the MS at a very good price and subsequently bought the whole HT set.

I have also listened to the above speakers on Marantz 4500, Marantz 5500, Yamaha RX-V650, NAD T743, Denon AVR3805, but the CA's sound appealled more to me.

Just some pointers on the CA. Do not expect frilly bells and whistles such as 30 DSP modes or a detailed user manual. The CA have a minimalistic approach to these things, but sounds phenomenal. Excellent stereo capabilities, lots of power, excellent HT capabilities!

Also I understand The CA does not have on screen menu either

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Yes Anon. That is true, but let me add that there are not many things to change on this receiver, so on screen would have been a waste.

As I said this receiver was not designed with fancy bells and wistles in mind, but rather to provide excellent sound and power. I had a Yamaha before this and yes it did have all these settings that could be tweaked, but it fell short seriously in stereo terms and it did not have the "mellow" sound or power of the CA.

Once again, the only real advice I can give is to buy with your ears. What sounds good to me may not appeal to you.

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can you help me to open encrypted chanels in my digital reciever strong 4155
do you have any software about this

Thanks Abe.

Thought I would have got more input considering the other threads but maybe the selection is a bit too esoteric.

Agree the CA is the best out of those quoted. Looks like it will be the CA with the JM Labs. Now considering extending the budget and getting the JM Labs surrounds as well.
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