Best sub/sat system out there, orb,athena, etc.


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in the market for a good sub/sat system, or i would take a good HTIB minus the dvd player. I've heard all kinds of things about athena, klipsch's quintet system, orb audio, etc. just looking for some opinions.

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Depends on your budget. Era or Tannoy. Way better than Orb or Athena.

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mordaunt-short premier plus

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Pinnacle,Def Tec are also good,DEFINATELY NOT BOSE.E.Ramsey

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thanks for the posts guys, wow everyone recommends a diff. brand! :o(

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I knew I wanted a sub/sat system. I listened to the Bose, Klipsch, Kef, and Orb systems. IMO, the Orbs are by far the best sub/sat system that I listened to. I have the Mod2's all around and the super 8 sub. They are great on music and fantastic on home theater, but you have to remember they are a sub/sat system. They are very clear and detailed, but maybe not quite as open sounding as a large speaker system on music. I am thrilled with my Orb system. Since Orb is an internet company, make sure the folks who are recommending something else have actually heard the Orbs. I researched them very carefully before I ordered them and there are VERY few negative comments about them. They have a 30 day risk-free trial.

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I just ordered my Orb system yesterday. I'll give feedback when they arrive. I was sold by the 100% positive reviews I found here (and on other sites).
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