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I posted this in the speaker forum as well but I thought I would get more assistance for my receiver choice in this forum

First off let me start by saying that I am relatively new to the surround scene. I currently have a mis-matched set of speakers and a JVC receiver, all of which I plan to get rid of. I also have a Velodyne powered sub that I am happy with that I plan on keeping.

I have a friend that really likes Marantz receivers and Axiom speakers. I have looked at the Marantz 8400 receiver and it seems that it is a pretty good receiver but then again what do I know. I have also looked at some NAD, HK, and Yamaha receivers. I really have no clue why one would be better than the other besides what my buddy tells me.

As far as speakers go I have read a lot of reviews on the Axioms (from their website) and most people seem very satisfied with their performance. Some other reviews I have read on the Paradigm speakers have me interested in those as well. I am very open for suggestions.

Tidbits...The room I will put this is 18' x 25' so it is a fairly large room that should be able to handle a nice set up. I have set a budget for all at around $3000.00 although if needed I can wait a couple more paychecks and add another $1000.00 or so to my budget if it will make a considerable difference. I have recently seen the Marantz SR8400 selling on EBAY for around $550.00 to $600.00 which I am sure are the receivers that were won on a ubid auction I read about on this board.

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My personal preference, not based on your needs at all:
If I had 3grand and I wanted the axiom speakers I would check and grab the

Pioneer Elite VSX-56txi $959
AXIOM M60 $900
VP150 $385
QS8 $500
Total $2785

Take the next couple of paychecks and buy the Pioneer Elite DV-59ai DVD player so that you could use the firewire hookup and get DVDa, and SACD hookup through one cable.

If youare open to another speaker suggestion check out

Monitor Audio S8 $1150
S-LCR $450
Sfx $500

All are available at, and you may get a package price if you buy them via telephone order. check out the Forums on the axiom board for a comparison of the Monitor Audio Silvers with the axiom line. I believe the most in-depth comparison comes from a poster called chesseroo.

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Thanks for the comments Xsound I will definately do some reading on this and check out that website

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You might also want to check out Energy Connoisseur Series Speakers. I run a C-5 front, CC-2 (CC-3 is the current model), C-3 setup that sounds great. They're less expensive than some of the other suggestions, but they're great performers. I use an older Denon 3802/1082 AVR that does a great job, but I would imagine they would sound even better with a Marantz (8400/8500) or HK7300 powering them. I was looking at NAD AVRs for a new system I'm putting in my basement, but the quality issues and persistent hiss scared me off. And I would also recommend the Denon DVD-2910 (or 3910 if you want to splurge) for a universal DVD player.

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Thanks Ziggy.

So my questions to you guys is should I stick to the Marantz or Pioneer Elite
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