Best Budget Receiver Under $500


In your opinion, which one is the best: Denon AVR-1802, Onkyo TX-DS595, Yamaha RX-V620, or any other budget receiver out there that you recommend?

Except the Outlaw 1050 because you can only get it for $500 from Outlaw and the others you can get for around $400. Plus its probably in a class on its own.

If you don't know for sure, wait until next month. The new Onkyo 600 will be out. Check out Onkyo's website!

i am currently looking for the same type of system! im leaning towards the yamaha 5450, around $290 to $315!

I have the Denon AVR-1800 and I'm very happy with it. My only complaint, which was corrected in the AVR-1801, is the addition of banana plugs for the speakers in the rear. Aside from that, a great receiver, and one I'd recommend.

Check out the reviews of the Onkyo 1802 and the Denon 595 at

I think Valuecanuck meant Denon 1802 and Onkyo 595. Honest mistake.

I just bought the Yamaha RXV530. I am very happy with it. It sound great. Very easy to use and configure. It's my first receiver and I am breezing through the setup manual. I really like the auto detect. It picked up DTS with Shrek and 6.1 matrix Atlantis with no problems. It does not have A/B speakers or front A/V jacks. However, they give a postcard inside the box to send in for a free A/B switch.

I am sure the 630 will be fine as well. Stack it up against the Onkyo 600.

Jim Greenspan
People are raving about the Kenwood VR-6070 - see 525 postings! -- and it is at or under $500

Al Holland
The Kenwood 6070 may be the steal of the year.

Take on home on approval. I do not think that you will be disappointed.

GET DENON! It rules and blows others away!

Get Kanwood 6070. It has Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES and THX-EX for $499 at bestbuy.

Al Holland
I have owned all brands and I have no loyalty to any brand. I had a 6070 and now an Integra 8.2. Wish that I had kept the 6070. I also brought a Denon 4802 home on trial. I could not get it back to the store soon enough to trade for the Integra.
I have owned other Denons and the all sounded shallow and bright.
My opinion for what it is worth.
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