Bi-Amping ?? Can a Receiver Bi-Amp???


I am a complete novice in the Audio field, and also in the Home Theatre area. I plan to assemble a system with a good pair of main speakers to use for music (2 channel), but to also incorporate them into a surrond system. I've been looking at a number of speakers (B&W & PSB)that require "Bi-amp-ing", meaning running 2 sets of cables per speaker. Are they're any A/V receivers that are capable of being Bi-amped?
Also, I'm aware that some of the speakers have"jumpers" that eliminate the 2nd set of cables but may make the speakers less efficient.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks,...Bill C

Typically, most receivers will not "bi-amp". Most (all?) speakers will not actually require bi-amping, but will provide a bridge or jumper whereby both drivers will receive signal and power. I know this is the case with B&W speakers, for example.

Bi-amping is connecting 2 amps to 1 speaker..what you mean is bi-wiring running 2 sets of wires form 1 amp channel to a speaker...check out monster cable

Biamping is connecting two amplifiers to one HALF of each speaker. One amplifier runs the higher frequency speakers and the second the lower frequency speakers. You need a crossover network to split the freqwuency signals. I know of no amplifiers set up as such.

Ivor van Son
With the Pioneer 45TX (VSX-2011S in Europe) you can assign the 2 back surround channels to bi-amp the front speakers.

My Technics sa-da10 has a bi-wire / bi-amp function. I bi-wired my Sound Dynamics rts-9s and the bi-amp light lit all by itself.
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