Onkyo ht s650 connection problem


I just bought a HT S650 system, works beautifully, great sound. Only problem is, I cannot get a video signal for my VCR (Panasonic PV 4522) through the receiver, it works fine if I connect directly to the TV. I have also connected my cable box to the receiver, and get a video signal, so its not a problem with the output.I called Onkyo and they suggest replacing the receiver. Any ideas? What is the "Monitor out: outlet for, since the TV is connected through the "video out "?

Philip Krewer, MD 665 Myatt Dr. Madison, TN 37115 (615) 945-5196 pkrew@citlink.net Dear Michael Lighthause: I'm writing as a concerned consumer about the issue with the defective chip in your TX-DS797 receiver. I purchased this unit from Circuit City in December of 2002. Initially, I was very pleased with the overall sound and build quality of your product. Then I discovered that the sound drops out in some DVDs and in Dolby broadcasts. When I looked up the problem on the internet I was angered to say the least to find that this problem has been known about for sometime and indeed is prevalent enough that you have a posting on your FAQ section. I have a herniated lumbar disc, a serious back injury. Now I have to lug your defective receiver, which weighs 36 lbs, back to Circuit City, wait 2 weeks for it to be repaired and then lug it back home. Not to mention the bending over that I'm going to have to do to remove and replace it into my system. All of this for a receiver that should not have been available for me to purchase in the first place. In fact, it is more outrageous that your company has known about this problem since January of 2002. I have no doubt that it would have been very easy for your company to determine within reasonable accuracy which units were involved and order a recall. But no recall was given and for that matter you didn't even notify your retailers. I have no doubt that your company's reason for not recalling the defective receivers was financial. If you recall the receivers you have to pay for the return shipping, the repair, and you have to sell all the receivers as remanufactured with a substantial reduction in price. You don't tell your retailer because they're just going to send the units back to you and you're in the same boat as if you recalled the receivers. But hey, if we don't order the recall we can sell these units to unsuspecting consumers and get full price. A good percentage of them may not even notice the defect, especially if they don't play the right DVD or listen to Dolby broadcasts. Besides, some of them won't want to bother with fixing it anyway. This way we only have to pay for some of the repairs and the consumer will have to pay for at least half of the shipping. Never mind that the consumer has to deal with the hassle of taking his receiver in for repair and wait at least two weeks and sometimes two months before they can listen to their brand new receiver. Never mind, that because we know about it in advance, we are essentially selling remanufactured receivers at retail prices. We saved the company money. Of course all we really did was transfer some of the loss in this fiasco to the consumer. I'm appalled that I was able to buy this defective receiver almost a year after the defect was discovered, especially from an authorized dealer. I'm also appalled that you refused to return my phone call. It is my understanding from reading the reviews on the internet that your company actually denied the problem to some consumers, blaming it on fault
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