Is It Worth It To Repair or Just Buy New??


Two years to the day, my NHT SW10 subwoofer broke down. When hooked up to the preamp output on my receiver it only gives out very slight sounds. I then hooked another pre-amp to my receiver and hooked the subwoffer to the preamp. If I turn up the volumn very high on the preamp, I am able to get what appears to be , fairly good sound out of the subwoofer. (I have tried the subwoofer on several different receivers and amps, with no luck). I really know nothing about the inner workings of a subwoofer. I do know that to take it in will cost $50-75 just for the diagnosis. Is it worth it for me to try and repair it or am I better off just dumping it and buying a new one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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