Computer speakers vs real stereo speakers


hello, i just have a quick question.
im deciding wether or not to use my computer as my home system, or buying actual audio and video componets. i read a lot of comparrisons of pc speakers vs other pc speakers, or reg speakers vs other regular speakers, but i havent realy found anything comparing pc vs real stereo speakers. if i buy a 2-300 doller pair of 5.1 pc speakers,will they compete with say a 4-500 watt recever with componant speakers?

price is not an issue, im just wanting to know if there is a quality in the sound experiance
ill be missisng if i settle for the pc speakers

if anyone knows any websites that have info on this topic or would like to tell there experiance
or oppinion please let me know thankz

hey tye,

I don't know of any website that talks about the comparrison, but I do know that the biggest difference with home audio and pc speakers is that the pc speakers will only have one connection for your souces, dvd, t.v, vcr, games. While the home theatre systems are built specifically for just that, multi-system plug-ins. As far as which is better, pc and home audio sound really close as far as mid-grade home audio goes, but top end home audio can't be beat. I thaught I could get really expensive speakers for my comp and get away with it, but had a hell of a time reconnecting my other components everytime I wanted to play my xbox or ps2. But i'm babbling, so long story short, if your on your comp majority of the time get some decent 150-200 dollar ones, well worth the experiance. If you love watching movies or the big game on t.v. spend the extra bucks and get the sony 600w system for around 400. hope this helps.
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