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i kno everyone is sayin that the digital research speakers are a scam and all...but i want to hook them up anyways to see what they sound like...when i hooked them up to my receiver they worked for like 2 minutes and my receiver just shut off out of no where...on the back of the speaker there are four places for wires and on my receiver, i have a place for center, front left, front right and two for surround...i was hoping to keep my surround speakers and center and somehow hook up the tower to the front left and right, but there is only 4 total slots i can plug wires, but the towers require 8, 4 from each tower...i might sound like an idiot but i am fairly new at all this...and i might have gotten scammed but i am a college student and all so if anyone can help i would be greatful...thank you

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It is not necessary to use all 4 posts. Just plug into either the top or bottem.

The speaker should come with a conductive bridge between the two sets of binding posts, if not speaker wire can be used to connect the two sets (right to right, left to left). In order to bi-wire or bi-amp the speakers the bridge is removed and the top set solely powers the tweeter(s), and the bottem set solely powers the driver(s).

Unregistered guest if the top or bottom doesnt work for both...i need to bridge it..where i connect the right to right and left to left?? thanks for the help so far...its makin a lot more sense to me
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