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Hey guys. I'm 18 and still in school, I get out in 3 weeks. I'm taking a month off to work then I'm going to Arizona to go to school at MobileDynamics. As of now I have a sh*t system, 1 Alpine Type-R 12", a Audiobahn A8000T amp, in a Q-Logic box, with a Sony XPLOD head unit. Nothin special just something I bought when I was uninformed and uneducated and just had enough money for it about 2 years ago. Now i've got the money and I'm educated on the topic, and I will be getting 1 Audiobahn AWIS15P subs, and a Audiobahn A2300HCT amp to push them, a capcitor most likely, and a new battery for my car, a Eclipse head unit, and I wanna custom build the box.

Building the box is the only trouble there, I've got the money for the rest of it. Audiobahn says the box HAS to be ported and has to be 3.75ft^3. But I don't know how to get the dimensions of the box to be perfect, they just tell how long the port has to be and how wide it has to be. They don't say anything about the other dimensions, so does that matter or not? Here are the parameters:

T-S Parameters -

Box Parameters -

I've got the trunk space in my car, it is a 1997 Lumina 4 sedan. The trunk measurements are as follows, 48w*40d*20h (Open) 40w*40d*16h (Closed). There are two hinges which leave some of the airspace unattended to. But after I get back from school, I plan on getting either 3 more of these speakers and another amp of the same. Or 4 JL Audio 13W7's with 4 1000/1 JL Audio amps. Either way I feel I won't have a bad system, but the JL's would hit harder since they have higher xmax.

Back to the point, could anyone help me with how I should build the box? I know the type of wood to use, 1 Inch MDF or 3/4 Inch, The glue is gonna be Gorilla Glue, and GlueRTV. I'm gonna dynamat the box when I finish then carpet it, but like I said, I don't know the l*h*w dimensions, or can any sort of dimensions work? I used a program to build it and it said 31.6h*20.4w*13d, I could flip the box around to make it fit in the trunk. But that still doesn't seem like it's the size it's gonna have to be, it seems to big. Any help on the exact dimensions for the perfect ported box? I'm sure i'll learn during the summer, but I wanna know now so I can do something on my own before I go to school, get a heads up ya know.

Thanks for the help,
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You need to go to the car audio side of the forum.

To answer your question, the dimensions are flexible as long as the total volume amounts to your desired target. Squares shapes are the least desirable. The longer the dimension of a surface, the more flex it will have. Parallel walls of the cabinet are almost unavoidable, but nonparallel walls are stiffer to the force of the woofer.

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