My Yamaha RXV-650 likes quiet


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Hi to everybody.Greetings from Greece.
I would like some info about this situation.
My NEW Yamaha rxv-650 plays very low.
For normal listening it requires around -30db for movies around -20db and for extreme sound expereiences it has to go up to +1.5db.
It looks to me that something is wrong.
From verious talks with other people with other receivers it seems that a loud listening volume is around -35db to -30db and it is almost impossible to go higher without severe ear damage
So what is wrong ???
Are these sound levels normal or something is wrong.
Please if you have the same receiver give me some feedback about your sound levels.
At last some technical data about my speakers
2 front speakers 8 Ohm 88db
1 center speaker 8 Ohm 87db
2 surround speakers 8 Ohn 86db
Thanks in Advance

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It sounds to me like your receiver is set to the THX standard like mine and like most receivers of quality. I have a Marantz SR5400 and watch movies at between -22db and -19db. In other words there is nothing wrong with your setup at all. Enjoy your new receiver.

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Do you think that this is correct.
After all my receiver does not have a THX logo
Isn't peculiar that other receivers with approximately 2/3 of its power "rock" a house at -45db ????

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Look at the efficiency rating on your speakers. If they don't have one call the tech line, it should be in the user handbook. Different speakers play very, very, very different. The decible rating on the receiver volume setting does not indicate the room decible produced by your speakers.
The bigger the drivers the bigger and louder they play (though not always). The more efficient the speakers the less power is needed to drive them. You also need to use high quality speaker wires.

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"You also need to use high quality speaker wires."

And it begins once again !

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Let's not look at the speaker wires first!

Firstly the DB display on the receiver does not mean much! As someone once mentioned in another forum, it is something the manufacturers give us to entertain ourselves with.

As an example, I listened to a NAD T763(100w x 6) in a listening room half the size of my lounge at -10Db and felt that it was not that loud! Now I have a Yamaha RX-V450(85w x 6) and the setup I got to after experimenting for about a week, sounds much louder at the same setting, but that was not the case when using the automatic setup!

Check if you don't have "Night Mode" activated. Check what the different channel levels are set to. Experiment with the settings, don't just accept the automatic settings as they may be too conservative for your particular environment.

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Hey Y'all. Wow, I was just about to post the same question. I just purchaed a Yamaha RXV650 a few days ago myself. I have mixed emotions of dissapointment and frustrated confusion about not only the seeming lack of volume capacity but also about the bass and treble range. On most receivers that I've seen, the bass and treble capacity range between -10 and +10(I don't remember one that hasn't) My Yamaha only ranges between -6 and +6. Is there a reason for this? I prefer the fuller sound a nice bass response gives to my speakers(who dosn't?) Even my crappy 1982 Sherwood, that I'm replacing this with, has a -10 through +10 capacity. The sound on the Yamaha is much crisper, almost feels too crisp. Does that have something to do with Yamaha not being a "warm"(whatever the heck that means) receiver? I've tried different configurations with the speaker setting, but they only add volume, not the richer bass response I'm looking for. Are there different settings I could be utilizing that would give me a better bass response? What does the THX setting have to do with it? I've heard nothing but good things online about this receiver, so.....(shrugs)?
Also, how valuable is the auto setup? Would anyone suggest using it?
I'm also skeptical about the DSP sound field programs. Would any of these actually enhance the listening experence? I've heard it argued that it's basically a worthless feature, that the engineers of the original studio recordings knew what they wanted the source material to sound like when they were producing it. If they wanted the music to sound as though it were coming from a "concert hall" a "jazz club" or a "rock concert" etc., they would have engineered it to sound like that in the first place. I tend to agree, but then again I'm new to this. Are there certain cases where this technology would enhance a piece of music?
Also, does the conversion of a 2 channel stereo music source to 7 channels in any way degrade the sound quality or integrity of the music?
And are these way to many questions for one post? I'm kinda new to this too. Thanks:-)

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Yamaha tends to be crisp. try setting terble to -4 and bass to +4. It still would be crisp but that shreikiness would be gone.It makes a difference. Jazz and other settings are just toys to play with. The only time they make a appreciable difference is if you are playing pop or lounge. If you are into vocals or rock dont even fiddle with them.
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